Cute and Cuter Playful Pup Golden Retrievers and Bone Pillow Pendant Necklace

  • $47.99


With those warm puppy-dog eyes that just melt your heart, golden retrievers make the most wonderful companions. Now you can wear a heartfelt tribute to your favorite four-legged with this Playful Pup Golden Retriever Pendant Necklace. Holding a bone shaped pillow, this golden retriever necklace is handcrafted and hand-painted to capture the endearing traits and lovable personality of golden retriever, which makes it a unique celebration of irresistible canine charm.

resin and hand-faceted glass
hypoallergenic alloy

pendant dimension: 1.89'' * 0.98''
chain length: 31''+ 2.17''
item comes pre-boxed

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