Pet Me Doggie Husky Door Stopper

  • $18.99

Doggie Husky Door Stopper is designed like a humming puppy with rotating head, heart-shaped nose, bright shining eye, a name tag hangs on the PU leather collar. It’s more of a door wedge than a door stop. Jam it under the door and the gap between the base of the door and the floor must from 0.35'' to 1.00''. This cute door stopper has a foam strip under it to prevent sliding on hard wood, tile and linoleum, and it's not heavy enough to stop heavy door.


  • pvc silicone


  • color: grey and white
  • size: 5.51'' * 2.56'' * 3.54'' (14.0 * 6.5 * 9.0 cm)
  • package include: 1 * door stopper
  • imported

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