Cutie Cat on the Moon Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

  • $49.99

DESCRIPTION Seven Season Selection
Does this cutie cat on the moon necklace all to you? Steeped in mystery, myth, and symbolism, the black cat has been a part of our world's cultural history since the dawn of time. Commonly associated with witchcraft in most countries, the elusive feline welcomes good luck in Britain and Japan while Scottish superstition considers a black cat on your porch as a sign of prosperity. 


  • 925 sterling silver with 18k gold plated


    • length: 18'' (16''length + 2''extender)
    • pendant size: 1.18''w * 0.78''l
    • weight: 5.43g 
    • item comes pre-boxed
    • imported

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