Forbidden City Royal Cat Qing Dynasty Drunk Poet Miniature Figurine

  • $12.99

DESCRIPTION Forbidden City
The Qing Dynasty was the latest imperial dynasty of China and the Forbidden City is the palace for the Qing emperors and their households. According to the historical record, the royal would keep cats in the Forbidden City and the cats were also used to being treated like royalty. Since the cat has been worshiped, pampered and adored by humans since ancient times, today's cats are as regal and royal as they ever were.

This is a talented Qing Dynasty Poet Cat carrying a flagon. Many poets or writers used alcohol for inspiration, they called it "drunk with words".


  • resin, plastic


  • cast in quality designer resin
  • hand painted 


  • size: 1.54''h
  • weight: 35.2g 
  • item comes pre-boxed
  • imported

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